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Tale of the Nine Tailed

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Red prismatic with refraction into gold. Can be used as a highlighter.

If you, like foxes in the real modern world, just want to hint at your superpowers, try our prismatic. Its seemingly translucent tone turns into bright red or gold. And as a highlighter, you can change the properties of your skin, allowing it to sparkle in the sun with the reflection of a red fox.

Shadow formats:

Trial format 0.3 grams. The filling of a 1 ml jar can vary from 1/4 to 1/2 depending on the density of the pigment. Suitable for getting to know pigments.

Premium full format 1 gram. The jar is 3 ml and heavy, as well as design design in the brand concept.

It is recommended to use a base in the form of foundation, concealer, gel or cream base for pigments, and it is also possible to apply with a damp brush, including with a makeup fixative.

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